The Village of Hommlet

The Village of Hommlet is the base setting for the home base town in which all the players currently reside.
- It is loosely based on the module of the same name with numerous addtional characters, buildings and events so that endless AD&D other modules can be tied into it. Current Information can be found below:

Non Player Characters & Shoppes within The Village of Hommlet currently accessible:

The Lord of Hommlet
- friends with the merchant Caldwell
- granted the party 6 free months of housing in stone original town stone housing area

Dragon's Brew Tavern
- All food, room & board services available


- All standard armor is available.

- All standard weapons are available.

- All standard missle weapons are availble
- Arrows + 1 are for sale at 120 gold pieces each. [Currently Ten (10) are available]

The Church of Saint Cuthbert
Services provided by Reverend Denniston
- Raise Dead: 50,000 gold piece donation. The player is drained of one constitution (CON) point permanetly.
- Cure Disease: 1,000 gold piece donation.
- Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds: 200 gold pieces each [Currently Five (5) are available]
- Potions of Healing: 350 gold pieces each [Currently Three (3) are available]

Ye Olde Potion Shoppe
Services provided by Frisbane the Alchemist*:

- Potion of Levitation (400 gold pieces) [1 dose]
- Potion of Water Breathing (900 gold pieces) [4 doses]

* Current Open Quest from Alchemist: "A Remove Curse Quest to remove a cursed sword from Andora the Ranger's hand"
- To retrieve a handful of Achaierai feathers (pronouced: a-CHY-ur-y)