Current Players

Robert Kocher Hightower (Dungeon Master)
- Magic User, Xevious of the Council of Mages
- Illusionist, Xanthar of the Museum

Indrani Hightower
- Fighter, Grendel Ironfist
- Magic User, Melchior Blackstaff

Tom Cartieri
- Paladin, Rasmond the Pure
- Monk, Ormand the Humble

Dorene Kinloch
- Ranger, Andora of the Woodlands
- Druid, Shayden of the Woodlands

Titas Raha
- Ranger, Ronnie
- Illusionist, Illusia

Shawn Fitzgerald
- Cavalier, Erroneous of Oxford
- Cleric, Ebola the Virus

Tom Rogers
- Barbarian, Otto the Rover

Previous Players & Guests

Mars Mandrake
- as himself, a roaming Magician whom had just visited Saltmarsh

Wayne Wirta
- Magic User,
- Thief,

Aeli Wirta
- Cleric,
- Cleric,

Steve Remley
- Cavalier,
- Barbarian,

David Kepple
- Fighter,

John Kepple
- Fighter,

Paul Kepple
- Fighter,

Jennifer Contarino Lee
- Illusionist,

Mousumi Raha
- Thief,
- Cleric,